When a Fire Sprinkler System Fails to Deliver

When even the simplest of fire sprinkler systems fails to deliver, there are many important factors to investigate. Wet systems are just one type of fire sprinkler system. Other types including dry, deluge, and pre-action systems have additional, more complex factors to analyze.

Lithium Battery Fires Demystified

Lithium-ion batteries continue to become more prevalent in today’s marketplace. Unfortunately, as the batteries age and their construction materials degrade, cracks can form in their coatings, or internal components can short and lead to a fire. The chemical fire may ignite nearby combustible material and can cause a more involved fire.

Lightning, Surge Protection, and the 2020 NEC

Lightning, Surge Protection, and the 2020 NEC By Nick Mahoney, P.E., CFEI S-E-A In recent years, lightning has accounted for tens of thousands of homeowner’s insurance claims across the United States according to the Insurance Information Institute [1]. Florida has typically led the U.S. in number of claims per year with Georgia and other southeastern … Read more