Southern Loss Association Mission

The purpose of the Southern Loss Association is to serve as a forum and medium for the discussion, study and consideration of loss adjustment problems, coverage questions, policy forms, laws, and statutes common to all insurance companies. That a better understanding of such problems may be reached and satisfactory methods of resolution developed through the cooperative effort of the members for the good of the insurance business as a whole.

First Officers of Southern Loss Association

C.C. “Cook” Cromwell | S.F. Padgett | H.G. “Hack” | W.D. “Pete” Swift | V.H. “Soapy” Merritt | Paul Patton | Ray Case | Benson Ford | C.O. Petty

Charter Members of Southern Loss Association

J.R. Williamson, Jr. | Edward P. Binder | James Chamblee | T.L. Roundtree | Lee Wicker | Bryron W. Lambert | George Leonard| George Raine | Mr. Shropshire | Howard Hatch | Marion Bleakley | Paul Douglas | Tyree Almond | Victor Berg | Harry Howard | Duke Camp | Freeman Dance | James A. Kelly | Asa Tucker | E.L. Brown | Garnett Gabriel | M.M. Harris

In Memoriam – Life Members of the Southern Loss Association

Charles Cook Cromwell | E.L. Brown | Garnett N. Gabriel | George B. Raine | Frank R. Beall | A.O. Ohlhaver | Paul Douglas | Howard Davidson | Clyde Keith | Gordon Macy | H.G. “Hack” Heyward | Ivan Wilson | Hugh Fordham | John F. Hardman | R. Larry Hart | Evelyn Brown | Gwenda M. Brent