Southern Loss Association News

President’s Message

Greetings SLA Members and welcome to March!

Hello SLA Members,

March has arrived and new beginnings are to come. Spring is my favorite time of year (in close competition with Fall); days get longer while flora and fauna wake up to shake off the winter. I find that the weather is just about perfect this time of year with a toasty ray of sun, a cool breeze, and water warm enough for the trout to start biting. It was closer to the end of March last year when I almost caught the biggest rainbow trout I had ever seen using a single kernel of sweet corn. I swear it was the size of a juiced up adolescent Great Dane! After fighting with him for a few minutes, the beast broke my line and flashed his tail at me before swimming upriver. It was my first heartbreak of Spring, but also the first day of my Spring mission – catch the trout beast!

Spoiler alert: I did not catch the trout beast… and although I did catch many large and in charge trout and other fish species last year, the beast was not one of them… Again, a new Spring brings forth new beginnings and perhaps I will be lucky enough to locate the beast this year. March is the month of optimism, and wouldn’t you know it, March 26 is the ‘Make Up Your Own Holiday Day’ – yes, I think I will.

But I digress. As your SLA President, I hope everyone enjoys the beginning of Spring 2024 and all the fun holidays and activities that come with it, like National Corn Dog Day (March 16) or National Goof Off Day (March 22). As for me, I am looking forward to March 26: Front Porch Sittin’ and River Side Fishin’ Day!

Your President,

Brooke Hill