Southern Loss Association Membership

Southern Loss Association, Inc, since its inception in 1957 as a non-profit organization, has devoted its activities to the principles of education, cooperation between members, and understanding of the problems facing the insurance industry as a whole and more specifically, the property loss adjustment area. Through monthly meetings, educational seminars, and group outings, it has fostered closer working relationships amongst its members and authorities involved in the claim adjustment process to the betterment of the industry and the insuring public.

First Officers of Southern Loss Association

C.C. “Cook” Cromwell | S.F. Padgett | H.G. “Hack” | W.D. “Pete” Swift | V.H. “Soapy” Merritt | Paul Patton | Ray Case | Benson Ford | C.O. Petty

Charter Members of Southern Loss Association

J.R. Williamson, Jr. | Edward P. Binder | James Chamblee | T.L. Roundtree | Lee Wicker | Bryron W. Lambert | George Leonard| George Raine | Mr. Shropshire | Howard Hatch | Marion Bleakley | Paul Douglas | Tyree Almond | Victor Berg | Harry Howard | Duke Camp | Freeman Dance | James A. Kelly | Asa Tucker | E.L. Brown | Garnett Gabriel | M.M. Harris

Life Members of Southern Loss Association

Charles Cook Cromwell | E.L. Brown | Garnett N. Gabriel | George B. Raine | Frank R. Beall | A.O. Ohlhaver | Paul Douglas | Howard Davidson | Clyde Keith | Gordon Macy | H.G. “Hack” Heyward | Ivan Wilson | Hugh Fordham | John F. Hardman | R. Larry Hart | Tom Richardson | Evelyn Brown | Gwenda M. Brent