Mold Tips

  • Solve moisture problems before they become mold problems.
  • Mold can grow within 24- 48 hours of the initial water problem.
  • Remember that every mold problem is a water problem first.
  • The mix of mold indoors should be less than the mix of mold outside.
  • Install a whole-house/building dehumidifier, ventilator, and filtration. system in parallel with the air conditioner. At the very least, put a $200 dehumidifier in the basement and insert a garden hose drain to the outside so you don’t have to empty the bucket daily.
  • The best means of preventing mold is to deny the spores the moisture necessary for germination.
  • Mold growth occurs when water problems go unresolved.
  • When you’re facing down mold, first chant this mantra, “Water is the problem, water is the problem,” and then go find, fix and completely dry up the source.
  • If molded: “when in doubt, throw it out.”
  • Bleach only kills some topical mold spores on hard surfaces.
  • Mold is an allergen whether it’s dead or alive.
  • Mold will come back no matter how well you clean or how well you use an inhibitor, if the area is allowed to become moist again!
  • Build it dry, design it to stay dry, and make sure it can dry if it gets wet.
  • To kill mold and to help stop any future mold growth, use the EPA-registered mold anti-microbial fungicide.
  • Damage due to mold is largely preventable.


Compliments of: Blair Dean Ph.D.