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Founded in 1957, the Southern Loss Association is one of the largest claim organizations in the country devoted to the education of property adjusters.

Our purpose is to serve as a forum for the discussion, study and consideration of loss adjustment problems, coverage questions, policy forms, laws and statutes common to all insurance companies.

We publish 10 years of industry-related articles that could answer many questions you have about your claims on our Resources page.

If you are in the insurance business and looking for a supportive and knowledgeable group in the Property field, these are just two of the many benefits of membership in the Southern Loss Association.  We provide networking opportunities, and host monthly and annual events where you can mingle with other members.  In addition to our annual seminar, many of the luncheons provide continuing education credits.

Upcoming event!

The Southern Loss Association Holiday Luncheon will be December 12, 2019 at The Westin Atlanta Perimeter North.  We will be giving our annual donations to charity, awarding scholarships to the winning students, and voting in the Board of Directors for 2020.  It’s our most attended luncheon every year, and seats are limited, so register early.  Deadline for registration is 12-09-19!

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The holiday luncheon will be held at

Westin Atlanta Perimeter North

7 Concourse Pkwy

Atlanta, GA 30328

We hope to see you there!



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If you are in the insurance business and not sure if SLA is right for you, please browse through our website or write to us at southernloss@gmail.com.  A friendly member of the board of directors will contact you..