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Engineering Report Provenance: There is a Disturbing Trend

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Engineering Report Provenance Imagine if you will…you, the insurance or legal professional, need the expertise of a licensed professional engineer (PE) to help you with your claim or suit. You call one of the many national forensic engineering companies available to you. The field PE assigned the project completes the onsite inspection. You eventually receive the Engineering Report and invoice. Given the recent national attention regarding changed Hurricane Sandy Engineering Reports aired on “60 Minutes” in March 2015, are you sure the opinions in your report are those of the field PE you hired? Or, has your report been sent…

Lithium Ion Batteries: Exploring the Hazards of These Common Rechargeable Batteries

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Dangers of Lithium Ion Batteries In this Special Report we will discuss the hazards associated with improperly disposing of your batteries with an emphasis on a specific type of rechargeable battery known to be most often disposed of incorrectly (with very dangerous results); the Lithium Ion Battery. Although some single use, non-rechargeable, household batteries can be thrown away with your trash, no batteries should ever be tossed in with your Single Stream recycling. Due to the presence of corrosive chemicals, toxins such as mercury and lead, and charged electrodes, ALL batteries pose hazards and risk of fire, but the biggest…

How Much Is Too Much?

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How Much Is Too Much? By Tom Lackey How much is too much?  This is a question being asked more frequently about water mitigation bills.  According to the Insurance Information Institute, water damage claims account for approximately 30 percent of property insurance claims.  Of that percentage, the greatest amount is paid for water mitigation services to companies that provide nothing other than water extraction and equipment rental. The average cost of a water mitigation claim has risen three-fold since 2000.  Last year, water losses cost $9.6 billion in homeowner property losses.  Most industry observers believe the result is a combination of insurer…

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