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How Much Is Too Much?

How Much Is Too Much? By Tom Lackey How much is too much?  This is a question being asked more frequently about water mitigation bills.  According to the Insurance Information Institute, water damage claims account for approximately 30 percent of property insurance claims.  Of that percentage, the greatest amount is paid for water mitigation services to companies … Read more

Are They Really Employees?

Are They Really Employees? By D.M. Studler, SDC CPAs LLC The word outsourcing generates heated debates at parties and business meetings alike. According to, in 2013, the U.S. outsourced 2.6 million jobs in areas of manufacturing, IT services, research & development, distribution, and call or help centers. While saving money is the number one … Read more

Scratch and Scam: Lottery Losses

Scratch and Scam: Lottery Losses By DM Studler At today’s convenience stores and gas stops, customers can fuel their cars, pick up a quick snack or cup of coffee, and take a chance at winning millions. Convenience stores and gas stops make a steady income from the sale of lottery tickets and online lottery sales. … Read more

Ethics and Adjusting Claims

Ethics and Adjusting Claims Adjusters face tough situations when it comes to acting in an ethical manner with the various entities that they deal with when adjusting claims. Adjusters must maintain ethical conduct with the party that contracts for their services. Company adjusters owe that conduct to their employer; independent and public adjusters owe that … Read more

How Inventory is Valued: From an Accountant’s Perspective

How Inventory is Valued: From an Accountant’s Perspective By DM Studler, SDC CPAs LLC Inventory or stock refers to the goods and materials that a business holds or owns for the ultimate purpose of resale (or repair). Management of the inventories, with the primary objective of determining/controlling stock levels within the physical distribution system, serves … Read more

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