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Who Has Priority Over My Recovery?

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An Overview of the Made Whole Doctrine By Jessica M. Skarin, Esq. - Partner, Butler Weihmuller Katz Craig LLP After paying out a claim, insurers often pursue a subrogation recovery from a responsible third party. In evaluating the potential for recovery, subrogation specialists consider many issues including proof of liability, applicable contract provisions, statutory limitations, and the cost of pursing a recovery. Well informed insurers also work with their subrogation specialist to ask the question: Who is entitled to the recovery if we collect? In other words, who has priority over the funds recovered? Answering this question requires an understanding…

Investigation of Spontaneous Ignition Fires 

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Investigation of Spontaneous Ignition Fires  John Stewart, CFEI, CFII Jack Ward Fire Consultants   CHEMISTRY   Spontaneous ignition has become more known and understood in the fire investigation community over the past 25 years, but is still missed by many seasoned experts. Fire, by definition, is a rapid oxidation process resulting in the evolution of light and heat in varying intensities, NFPA 921; 3.3.66. Oxidation is defined as a chemical reaction that is most commonly caused by atoms gaining oxygen. Therefore, fire investigators must have some knowledge of elementary chemistry to successfully complete origin & cause investigations. Spontaneous heating is…


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VIRTUAL EXAMINATIONS UNDER OATH: CONSIDERATIONS POST COVID-19 Howard Vallens Law Offices of Howard S. Vallens   Investigative Tool   An examination under oath (EUO) is an investigative tool. The insured is placed under oath at the onset of the EUO, usually by a court reporter, and is then asked a series of questions material to the claim under evaluation by a representative (usually an attorney) for the insurer. EUOs are generally treated as a condition precedent to insurance coverage. Nearly all first-party property insurance policies contain a provision allowing an insurer to examine the insured under oath.   The EUO…
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