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The Many Forms of Fraud During COVID-19

Fraud is an ever-evolving crime with fraudsters continually adopting new methods and concocting schemes to suit the conditions of the times. Currently, during the COVID-19 pandemic, fraudsters are creating new ruses by manipulating society’s changing needs and priorities. Fraudsters were particularly adept at playing on human emotions, concerns, and fears. As companies and individuals navigate these unusual times, the atmosphere is ripe with opportunities for schemes.

Bad Faith v. Good Faith and Just Results

The demand letter alleging bad faith arrives. Your blood pressure goes up – either you are sick of seeing lawyers toss the claim into every claim or you worry you may have made a mistake on a legal or factual point. How do you lower your blood pressure? Each moment of each day, on each file and the many micro-decisions you make – simply to pursue a Just Result. And what do you get – just results – and good results for you and your insureds.

Who Has Priority Over My Recovery?

After paying out a claim, insurers often pursue a subrogation recovery from a responsible third party. In evaluating the potential for recovery, subrogation specialists consider many issues including proof of liability, applicable contract provisions, statutory limitations, and the cost of pursing a recovery. Well informed insurers also work with their subrogation specialist to ask the question: Who is entitled to the recovery if we collect? In other words, who has priority over the funds recovered?

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