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July 2016 President’s Message


Lawson Thompson – CPCU
Southern Loss Association President – 2016

“”Opportunity is missed by most people because it is dressed in coveralls and looks like work.”-Thomas Alva Edison

Thanks to Robbie Maples for chairing the June meeting in my absence. Thanks also to Dan Heyer, Pete Craig and EFI Global for the sponsorship as well as the lesson on window deflection.

As we pause during the summer to rest and recreate, we on the board hope to keep mindful of the work that remains before us and the opportunities for growth which exist for our organization.  Membership in a thriving, prominent professional fellowship is the hallmark of all recognized professions in developed countries. Physicians, attorneys, engineers, accountants and many others rely on membership in their professional colleges to enhance their prestige and to exhibit a standard on which a lay public can rely.

The Southern Loss Association sponsors continuing education and professional development in order to give our members an opportunity to meet the “standard” for excellence recognized by insurers, agents, contractors, and especially the insurance buying public. We hope all of you will take advantage of the opportunity to sign up for our August 11th Seminar at Top Golf, as well as our July 14th luncheon, featuring Jim Beck of the Georgia Underwriting Assn.

We appreciate the effort taken to attend these meetings, but the opportunities for personal and professional growth are well worth it.  Looking forward to seeing you there.




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