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President’s Message

Happy Birthday America!

Each July 4th we celebrate the anniversary of our nation’s birth with fireworks, bar-b-ques, flag waving, etc., which even in those activities we are enjoying the many rights we have as Americans. Citizenship is the common thread we have that is bound by the shared values of freedom, liberty, and equality. In fact, our Association is available to all who qualify because of the rights provided us by the Bill of Rights, among the many other things that are important to our pursuit of a full, enjoyable life. I know it sounds cliché, but I am proud (and feel fortunate) to be an American.

Nowhere else would we find the availability to enjoy the freedoms we have. We must all do our part in preserving our freedoms we enjoy every day. Great sacrifices have been made by many for us and we must not let petty differences define us as a nation, but pull together to make our country the best possible. That is one of our responsibilities – preserving our freedoms!

Just as we do in our business, we should strive to resolve differences to reach a common solution by listening to the reasoning of others who have a differing opinion and expressing our own. We need to be mindful that not all will see things in the same way we do, but that doesn’t mean we have to usurp their right of expression – just work to seek a common understanding and reach a unified solution. Isn’t it great that we even have the right to express our opinions?

Be sure to sign up for the CE Seminar in August and I hope to see you all at our regular monthly luncheon meeting on Thursday, July 11.

Kind regards,


Bill Cartwright